Online Attendee Pre-Registration & Presentation Script (June 26th, 2021: Regular Conference)

Pre-Registration for Zoom Webinar

To participate in the upcoming conference on June 26th, please register in advance by filling in the information for Zoom Webinar. Click HERE.

For pre-registration, please read either the guide on our latest bulletin or the article “How to Participate in the Online Conference.” To reach the article, click HERE. For the conference program, click HERE.


After completing the pre-registration, the URL for the Zoom webinar will be delivered automatically to the address you entered. Please join the conference with the address on the URL.

Presentation Script

Please download the presentation script if necessary.

Presentation Script
Available by June 27th, 2021. After the date, the link will be expired.

  • Scripts are available in PDF and only for the speakers who provided us beforehand.
  • [IMPORTANT] We will add the scripts by the speakers even after this official notice is informed. Please regularly check for them.
  • Downloading the script will require the passwords. Please enter the passwords on the latest bulletin. The password is only available in the physical bulletin. Also, the password is on the mail sent by Zoom once the pre-registration is completed. Please refrain from copying or distributing the printed scripts.


If you have a question or wish to contact the AMJLS staff, please send it to the e-mail address below:

 kinbunmc01[a] *please change [a] to @ when in use.

  • Please notice that this address is not the one on the official website for AMJLS.
  • If you have a question about Zoom, please look at the FAQ delivered by the help center for Zoom.